Created on Friday, August 19 2011, idoLyrics is a blog created for posting lyrics from my favourite idol groups, such as Momoiro Clover or Tokyo Girls’ Style, along with some non-idol groups and artists, like Happiness or Nishino Kana. I plan to post these lyrics in kanji, romaji with color-codes, and translations. Any corrections are welcome!

Why I chose “idoLyrics” as a name
When I was planning the site and its layout etc., I was thinking that the site name should be something clever because I always love names like that. So, after some thinking, I came up with “idoLyrics”. Reason being:
1. My main lyrics focus for this site is about idols, so I thought that I HAD to include that in the name.
2. After looking at it for an even longer time, I found out that it could also mean, “I do lyrics”… Which is what I do here. XD

Lyrics Page Layout Explanations
Here, I’ll explain why things are laid out in lyrics pages as they are.

1. How I arrange the people in the top of the post when there’s a group song.
When I do this, I base this off of two things. Firstly, I look at “seniority” and when they joined the group. After that, I look at age. This is why in Momoclo lyrics pages, for example, Ariyasu Momoka is listed last and not before Shiori; because she joined later.

2. What the different “styles” mean in the lyrics.
Occasionally in some lyrics, you’ll see that the names in the square brackets or the lyrics themselves are stylized differently. Like in Dream5’s Koi no Dial 6700, the names in the square brackets are italicized and underlined. Most of the time, I do already state what they are used for at the top of the post, but just in case, here’s what each style I use means.

1. Underlined – Mostly used for indicating who sings the main melody during a line as opposed to the harmony. But I have also used this to indicate that other members in the group were participating in the song during a certain part, but not by singing (Like shouting out the lines as backup), by underlining the lyrics themselves.
2. Italicized – So far, I have used this to indicate who sings the highest part in the line.
3. Greyed out lyrics when there’s no person matching that colour at the top – This means that another unknown person not in the group is singing this line.
4. The * lines – Lines that have *’s or asterisks besides them have a note about them at the top of the post; I don’t have any specific use for them, so just check the note at the top for that.
5. *[1/2/3 etc.] beside lines in translations – This indicates that they have a translation note about them, which can be found at the bottom of the post.

3. How I chose the group member’s different colours.
Groups like Momoclo already have their own colours, but others don’t. So just in case you were wondering, here are the reasons for why I chose their colours, in alphabetical order.

9nine – No reason, really. When I was doing the colour codes for their newer songs, I picked colours that looked cute. XD But then when it went to the older lineups, I just picked random colours that didn’t look alike, or at least I tried not to make them look alike. 😛
Dorothy Little Happy – Official colours. Except for MARI’s because her official colour is black, but of course, the background’s black. I still wanted to try and make her colour close to black because I don’t like “breaking” a pattern, so I chose grey.
Dream5 – These colours are from the outfits they wore in Bokura no Natsu!!. Kotori and Momona both wore blue, so I just made the shades different.
E-Girls – I had the same colours for Happiness and Flower, and chose the other two secondary colours for Aya and Shizuka.
Fairies – These colours are from the outfits they wore in the More Kiss PV.
Flower – KAREN and MAYU in Happiness (sister group) already got blue and red for colours, so I thought they should get the last primary colour, yellow, with its opposite, purple. EDIT:And for Kyoka, I just chose a random colour. XD
Happiness – I thought that blue and red made good “duet” colours.
Momoiro Clover (Z) – Official colours.
Nishino Kana + collabs – Kana’s a girl, so pink. XD For guy collaborators (Which makes up the majority, maybe all, of her collabs), I picked darker colours since they’re guys. XD Please forgive me for my sexist ways. OTL
Perfume – These colours are based on the outfits they wore in their first ever single, Omajinai Perori.
Sakura Gakuin – Official colours.
Sea☆A – These colours are from the lollipops that they ate in the DREAM SHOOTER PV. XD
TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE – These colours are from outfits they wore during lives. Here’s a video link of them wearing them while singing Kodou no Himitsu.

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