Okay, so I posted it in the Updates post, but just wanted to try and go into more detail here… If I can. 😛 And I know not a lot of people comment on here, (By the way, thanks to the people that do! :D) but feedback would help me a lot! Thanks for your time!

1: Adding two more musical acts to the roster
This means that along with the 13 artists I already do lyrics on (ie. 9nine, Momoclo, Happiness etc.), I’ll also have artists pages and lyrics for these two acts that I have in mind. One is not an idol but just a Jpop soloist whose new to the business; another is a major idol group whose members (Even former) are all younger than me. XD Any idea who they are? Anyways, as it is, I have A LOT to catch up with and follow with releases for each artist, and this will just add onto the workload. This might mean delayed lyrics, but also just more availability for their overseas fans!
EDIT: So I decided to go ahead and release the soloist page that I was talking about: Ieiri Leo! As for the other one… Maybe, but I have to look at them more. ^.^
EDIT 2: And I decided to add the idol group I was talking about: Sakura Gakuin! Colour-codes most probably won’t be available until next week since my friend is helping me with them but she’s currently on vacation.

2: Miscellaneous indies idol acts page
I’ve noticed that pretty much half of the artists that I cover lyrics for aren’t officially labelled as idols, and when my blog’s named “IdoLyrics”… Yeah, I think you can see where I’m going. So to try and stand up to the reputation that this blog’s supposed to have, I’m thinking of making a page for miscellaneous indies idol acts, or even major idol acts that are insignificant compared to other major acts. I’ve been thinking that some people might have been searching for lyrics from that one indie group that they like but they can’t find it and they don’t know how to romanize lyrics or they’re just too lazy. (Me! :D) So this page would be useful for that. If it comes down to it and there’s too many acts crowding that one page, then I can just make multiple pages by letter. For example, “Misc. Indies A-G” or something like that. Again, more workload could mean more delayed lyrics but more availability to overseas fans.

3: Links for frequently linked sites
I’ve been aware about the sites I constantly use lyrics from (Twilight-Paradise and Verduistering @ Livejournal are just two), and I feel like I need to owe it to them. So somewhere during this summer, I’ll put the links to the websites in the Links page… Yes, I know, it’s not something like a trophy made out of gold, but I don’t know what else to do! Maybe if I think of something better, I’ll definitely consider, but for now, my lame idea will suffice.
EDIT: Instead of the Links page, I’ve added it to the sidebar! And in big images, too! That way, they’ll get more recognition! (Although they’re probably recognized more than my own blog XD)