In 2010, girls from 10-20 years old were welcome to audition for a new idol group based in Ehime where they would revitalize the prefecture. 14 successful applicants were picked in August of that same year, and they were divided into two groups of 7. One would make Himekyun Fruit Can, while the other would be Hinakyun Fruit Can, a trainee group. Two of the trainees from Hinakyun, Sakurako and Yuria, ended up being promoted to Himekyun, and about two months or less after the group’s formation, Erika graduated from the group in September of 2010.

In March of 2011, their debut single “Renai Enerugii Hozon no Housoku” (The Law of Conservation of Love’s Energy) hit stores nationwide and managed to acquire the #1 spot on the Oricon Indies Charts. During the months of May and June, Hinakyun trainees Rin, Manami and Sahara graduated from the group respectively. The remaining trainee Ayu and new trainee Mayu joined together to form Nanocune, Himakyun’s new trainee sister group. Himekyun have many regular TV program appearances and commercials, participated in a number of local events, and have gotten love from both men and women of all ages.

Since their name is Himekyun Fruit Can, each member has their own fruit, even the trainees! I personally think that’s such a cute concept; I don’t know why. XD

Abe Ayumi (Leader) – Pineapple
Nickname – Aachan
Birthday – March 13, 1995
Blood Type – O
Hobbies/Special Skills – Dance, Samba

Okumura Mayuri (Ehime’s representative for MINTIA) – Apple Mango
Nickname – Mayurin
Birthday – February 5, 1996
Blood Type – O
Hobbies/Special Skills – Dance, posing like a lizard

Okamoto Mai – Strawberry
Nickname – Maimai
Birthday – June 11, 1997
Blood Type – O
Hobbies/Special Skills – Dance, reading

Hasebe Moeka – Passionfruit
Nickname – Moemoe
Birthday – November 11, 1995
Blood Type – B
Hobbies/Special Skills – Dance, piano

Kono Honoka – Grapefruit
Nickname – Hanotan
Birthday – February 3, 1995
Blood Type – A
Hobbies/Special Skills – Making sweets, sleeping

Watanabe Emina – Banana
Nickname – Emikero
Birthday – February 3, 1996
Blood Type – O
Hobbies/Special Skills – Dance

Tanio Sakurako (Former Hinakyun trainee, subleader) – Blueberry
Nickname – Saku
Birthday – April 27, 1992
Blood Type – AB
Hobbies/Special Skills – Gymnastics, English conversation (Class 2 for English Proficiency Exam)

Kikukara Yuria (Former Hinakyun trainee) – Green Apple
Nickname – Yun
Birthday – July 19, 1997
Blood Type – AB
Hobbies/Special Skills – Basketball, reading aloud

Ohara Ayu – (Originally from Hinakyun Fruit Can) Orange
Nickname – Ayu
Birthday – January 16, 2000
Blood Type – A
Hobbies/Special Skills – Yosakoi (Dance originating in Kochi prefecture), dance

Kadota Mayu – Citrus Iyo
Nickname – Mayumayu
Birthday – March 5, 1999
Blood Type – B
Hobbies/Special Skills – Dance, singing

(Sadly, this was the only picture found for Erika since the member count is 9 instead of the current 8. Her profile picture from the old official website was deleted unlike the graduated Hinakyun members. 😦 Judging from the 8 members’ official photos, she should be second from the left.)
Erika – (Left September 2010) Cassis Orange
Nickname – Eripon
Birthday – April 23, 2001
Blood Type – A
Hobbies/Special Skills – Piano, painting
Hinakyun Fruit Can

Rin (Left May 2011) (No fruit D:)
Nickname: Rinrin
Birthday – January 1, 1997
Blood Type – AB

Manami – (Left May 2011) Apricot
Nickname: Namicchi
Birthday – August 30, 1996
Blood Type – B
Hobbies/Special Skills – Trumpet, reading

Sahara – (Left June 2011) Kiwi
Nickname: Usapyon
Birthday – February 9, 1997
Blood Type – AB
Hobbies/Special Skills – Illustrating, being surrounded by rabbit goods (?)

Their debut PV for Renai Enerugii Hozon no Housoku. I have to admit, most of their confessions are awkward to watch, especially Moeka’s and Mayuri’s. >.< But Mai's was cute! X3

PV for their second single, Koi no Purizun (Love’s Prison). (I wanted to show this one because they come out of a can of their official fruit! So adorable! XP)

Renai Enerugii Hozon no Housoku live:

Daisuki da by Nanocune:

Official Website
Ayumi – Aachan no Carnival no Hibi
Mayuri – Mayurin no Tokage Toki Nichijyou
Mai – Mai no Ganbarimaimai Mai Peesu
Moeka – Hai! Kochira Genba no Moeka desu!
Hanoka – Hanotan no Tantan Men wa Pirikara da
Emina – Emina no Banana wa Oyatsu Janai mon!
Sakurako – Sakurako no Sakusaku Sakusesu Mai Haato
Yuria – Yun no Hattentojou Aidoru Ki
Ayu – Ayu no Yosakoi Dancing!
Mayu – Mayumayu no Silk no Ito

Aaaaaaaand what a coincidink: It’s Moeka’s birthday at the time of this post! Happy Birthday Moeka! ^.^