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UPDATE AS OF 2016.08.16

This blog is dedicated to posting lyrics from my favourite idol groups, as well as some non-idol Jpop groups and artists. The lyrics are presented in Kanji, Romaji, and English translation, with color-codes for some group songs.

DISCLAIMER: All songs belong to their original songwriters. All lyrics are credited accordingly. Please do not claim any work here as your own. If you would like to use these on your personal site, forums, blogs etc., please look at the credits on the specific lyrics page (Which is below the song information, member names if there’s any, and above the Kanji lyrics) to credit the work properly. If the space is left blank, please inform me. But if you’re too lazy to, too shy etc. (:P) then for the time being until I can find the error myself, please credit to Mei.ka~ or idoLyrics. Also, if you find that one of the works is yours, especially for translations, and you’d like me to remove it, please don’t hesitate at all to inform me.

Lastly, if you would like to contribute something, please go to the contact page.

Updates (Will be deleted after a month)

April 2, 2013
New Posts Alice Juban – Natsu da ne Alice Juuban – Makenaide

March 30, 2013
New Posts Fairies – Yumemiru Dancing Doll
Updates To lighten the load on myself, I decided to let go of another artist to update: Perfume. Besides me not updating them and most of the lyrics coming from Perfume City anyways (I pretty much just colour-coded their lyrics), I really have lost a lot of interest in them and their music. And when you lose interest in a group it’s much harder to enjoy what you’re doing. So yeah. I will also delete them from the roster but still keep their page up. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for the support!

March 22, 2013
New Posts Sakura Gakuin – My Graduation Toss

March 3, 2013
New Posts 9nine – colorful TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE – Sore de Ii Jan TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE – Tsuki to Sayounara TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE – Maboroshi TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE – Overnight Sensation ~Jidai wa Anata ni Yudaneteru~ TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE – Futarikiri TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE – Yakusoku TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE – Himawari to Hoshikuzu – English Version- Dream5 – Rock n’ Roll Kenchou Shozaichi Dream5 – Come on! Dream5 – Do Re Mi Fa Sorairo Dream5 – Believe


Hey! As you’ve noticed, it’s been a long while since I’ve posted up lyrics, colour-codes and translations on this blog. When I stopped, I didn’t really have fun doing them and it felt more like a job then for enjoyment. Maybe because a lot of the artists that I updated for I stopped listening to, maybe I couldn’t keep up with releases. Whatever it was, I stopped and I was surprised to still see a lot of people visiting, following and commenting on the blog. So I thought I’d let you know where I am now just in case you wanted to keep up with me!

Jpop is still in my heart and I listen to a lot of acts, including some of the artists on this blog, and have just been keeping up with news and releases from them without contributing much to any kind of community. Then about a month ago, I saw a lack of translations and lyrics for a group I started to like, and why not share what I’ve done through some kind of platform? Then the urge to also try subtitling long videos, edits etc. and share them also came to mind.

That’s why! I’ve started doing lyrics (Only those who I can’t find) and translating, along with what was mentioned above on a new blog! (Sorry, no colour codes unless I feel like it) This time, I’m not pressuring myself to post based on new singles or albums coming out, but just things I feel like posting about so I always have fun! After having done WordPress and Blogspot, I thought I’d give Tumblr a try. None of my posts are gonna contain any kind of that kind of Tumblr culture with it (I don’t feel like elaborating in fear that someone will get offended ^.^;), so whenever I translate or whatever, you’re just gonna get that single thing and nothing else; just like what I (hopefully) did with this blog! Plus, now I feel I can post more visual things on a proper platform.

I’m over on meikatsudon.tumblr.com , and I’d appreciate it if you at least came for a visit!

If you’re into the following artists that I posted on here, I’m sorry but I no longer listen to them and therefore won’t post about them:

  • 9nine
  • Dorothy Little Happy (I WOULD have posted about them if they kept the five members but…)
  • E-Girls
  • Fairies
  • Momoiro Clover
  • momonaki (I mean, I’m pretty sure she’s inactive, but still)
  • Sakura Gakuin
  • Sea☆A (Disbanded anyways, so…)

BUT I still listen to the following, and I have posted something about most of them as of now:


  • Dream5
  • Flower
  • Happiness (Yes, I listen to Flower and Happiness, but not E-Girls)
  • Nishino Kana

And others that I have posted/will post about are:


  • Hello! Project!
  • Ebidan!
  • Generations from EXILE TRIBE
  • Inoue Sonoko
  • Katahira Rina
  • MACO
  • Musumen
  • Q’ulle
  • Along with others that I find interesting!

In summary: This blog is gonna be inactive, but I’ll be posting at meikatsudon.tumblr.com

Also, I just wanna say thanks for the support over the years! When I started, I was a little t(w)eenager who just wanted to share lyrics and be cool and it was so nice to see the activity from the graphs, to read comments, to have met a few people from this blog and to have just been a small part of the Jpop community. But now I’m still a little child in an adult’s body that wants to enjoy sharing lyrics and the like (while still being cool B) ). I’m sorry that I haven’t been active, but I hope to start fresh with this new blog! Thank you for understanding and I hope we meet again!

– Mei.ka~